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For a quick, easy, high protein meal, try this 20-minute 'Miso-glazed tofu and black rice bowl'.

Miso-glazed tofu black-rice bowlFor a quick, easy, high protein meal, try this 20-minute 'Miso-glazed tofu and black rice bowl'.Ingredients 2 tablespoons mirin2 tablespoons Hikari White Miso Paste1 tablespoon honey2 teaspoons rice wine vinegar5 teaspoons sesame oil500g firm tofu, cut into 12 slices2 bunches [...]

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Lindt's Peanut Butter Balls are 'Oh so scrumptious', now imagine them in a chocolate cupcake....

Peanut Butter Lindt-Ball-Filled Chocolate CupcakesIngredients:180 grams butter, softened180 grams brown sugar3 large eggs at room temperature2 teaspoons vanilla essence3/4 cup milk300 grams plain flour30 grams cocoa powder1/2 teaspoon salt2 teaspoons baking powder150 grams dark chocolate, melted and cooled12 peanut butter Lindt ballsMethod:Preheat your oven to 180C (350F). Butter a 12-cup friand tin (or two 6-cup [...]

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10 keys to a healthy happy life

10 keys to a healthy happy lifeWe all have those days.Sometimes weeks......Where things just seem to drag on. A little over-worked and ‘over work', extremely tired, getting sick, just feeling like life wants too much from us at times.And what keeps us going?Friends, loved ones, treating with some food tats maybe not so good for our bodies, [...]

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The best Indoor plants to give you that 'paradise' feeling in your home

The best ‘Indoor plants’ for your homeBegoniaThe begonia plants are some of the most popular indoor plants, there are many different types of begonia plants. Begonias cannot handle very cold temperatures, too much moisture or strong sunlight.CrotonThe croton plant prefers warm, humid conditions with lots of water and dappled sunlight.FicusThe ficus tree is a very decorative plant that [...]

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Healthy treat inspiration- Raw Dragon Fruit White Chocolate

This Chocolate is completely; Vegan, Paleo, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar FreeIngredients1 cup of melted cacao butter (about 240g) 1 cup of cashews (133g) 1 tsp vanilla ½ cup of natural sweetener (e.g. rice malt syrup, maple syrup, agave syrup) 3 tsp Just Blends Dragon Fruit PowderMethod Melt the cacao butter in a bowl over low heat. Be careful [...]

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Does a ski holiday take your fancy?.....

Aspen, in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, is a ski resort town and year-round destination for outdoor recreation.It is full of life and never ending beauty, so diverse in its nature all year round.A definite top place to visit if you like to ski or board.It's quite known for its  high-end restaurants and boutiques, and landmarks like the [...]

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​ Coconut ice cream.... What if its not only deliciously scrumptious but also good for you!!!?

Coconut ice creamForget buying those pints of ice cream packed with sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. You can make your own in a matter of minutes in your blender.My recipes have more healthy fat, protein, and antioxidants than most ice creams you can churn out (pun intended), but are so tasty that you wouldn’t believe they’re good for you!Coconut BlissThis [...]

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​ Got the travel bug? Want something different from your average relaxation island getaway? Venezuela

Something different from your average relaxation island getaway? Venezuela is place to travel raw!The City of CaracusMochima National Park  is located in the States of Anzoátegui and Sucre (state), on the northeastern coast of Venezuela. The park covers 94,935 hectares and is made up of an exclusively marine area in its western sector, a coastal [...]

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Want to be inspired to live a healthy positive lifestyle, or just get fit for your next 'Escape to paradise'?....

Check out Sydney Northern Beaches newest outdoor fitness company 'Salt Ash'With a twist, Ash is a pioneer in her field now offering FITNESS with MINDFULNESS, a sort of cardio mindfulness! ; )http://saltashfitness.com/ offer outdoor group training & one on one personal training at Freshwater Beach, Sydney. Join a group, tailor your own private group or come on your [...]

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Yasawa Island, Fiji

This pristine Fijian island has almost as many beaches as guest accommodations, offering the ultimate privacy, luxury service and stunning scenery.With its soft white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, Yasawa Island is the perfect for holiday destination for the ultimate in relaxation and romance or for those who would like to try everything a [...]

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