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Ever find yourself on holidays but still working? Heres how to stop, and REALLY take a break

Im sure we've all been guilty of it at some point, up late working to get on that conference call, rising before the sun to check your emails or check in with the team.

Sound familiar?

Well now is the time to stop this nonsense and learn how to completely and utterly 'BE' where you want to be, taking a real holiday.

We don’t work this hard and only get 4 weeks holidays a year for no reason, working 5 days of your 7 or sometimes even more, to only have one or two days per week to actually do what your heart tells you to do?

Give yourself permission to really take time out and trust me, you will benefit from a 'real' break tremendously!!!

You’ve worked hard for this break. I’m sure, paid a lot of money for it, jumped on nbuses, trains, or flown, packed for days and organised some crazy logistics, dog sitters, babysitters, or piled everyone and everything into a vehicle to get there. Now you have only 5 days to supposably have 'The time of your life' and go home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to get back to your daily grind for another 4-6 months.

Sounds good?!!

So... My understanding is that you actually do want to enjoy this, so my advice;

BE THERE! Not just physically but also mentally.

Be present. Be present, with your partner, children, yourself and in that time you do have to relax.

Sleep, take in the surroundings, explore and be in nature as much as possible. This will revitalise your soul, clearing your mind and getting new thoughts flowing, inspiring you for new things ahead. Eat out, or learn to cook something new nourishing and creative with you friend or partner, do something active or try something out for the first time, jump out of a plane, have surfing lessons, whatever it be that invigorates your passion. Or, sit, sop, swim, relax, do nothing for once. Just sit.

Say goodbye to your boss, or handover to your employees and put on your ‘Out of office’ leaving the laptop at home, and once you arrive, switch of your phone and put it in the hotel room safe not to be touched again until your departure.

I dare you to try it and see how amazing you feel after experiencing some real detachment in your life!

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