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Australian female surfer from the 60's calls her best breaks

Sandra English, one of Australia’s founding female surfers. She spent years on the surfing scene from the 1960’s through the 70’s and 80’s. Outside of her competitive career, Sandra also managed to sneak away to a few world-class surf breaks which she’s happy to share with us. Here is Sandy’s top ten favourite waves…. For now.

Roxy’s – Mentawais.
A great right-hander with heaps of barrels and lips to hit. When you do get a great wave, there is an easy paddle through the channel, straight back out to the lineup.

Macaronis – Mentawais.
An awesome left-hander! A super long wave with a lot of wall for you to attack. I love my back-hand and when I stayed at this break, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. This wave allowed me to sneak in some layback barrels. Yes, I’m old school :) This wave has so many sections. Just amazing!

Peru, South America. Punta Rocas.
A huge right-hand break great long walls. It wasn’t barreling when I had it, but it was super workable.

Strickland Bay – Rottnest Island, Western Australia.
A short punchy right and a longer left. The bigger it gets, the better as it breaks out further and gives you a longer ride. I have had heaps of great surfs there over the years!

Bells Beach, Australia.
Just simply a fantastic right-hander, whether its in the bowl or at Rincon. One year I had it at about 10 foot! It was incredible!

Cylinders Beach, Stradbroke Island, Western Australia.
Another sick right-hander with tubes and wackable sections. It can get super heavy and is known to be sharky.

North Narrabeen, Australia.
I started surfing there when I was about 15 years old. I met so many great friends there. Narrabeen really is a great spot with a world-class left-hander and a sick beachie on the inside. As a kid I use to surf there almost every day, whether it was tiny or massive. Narra produced so many amazing days and memorable days.

Central Coast, NSW. The Northern end.
I’ve lived on the NSW Central Coast for a few good years now. I’m happy to call it home. There are lots of different waves up here. There are some super heavy reef breaks that work on different tides. Also some great beach breaks and point breaks. I’ve really come to love the slabs up here over the years. You’ve just got to get them on the right tide and winds.

Lennox Head, Australia.
Lennox Head and surrounding beaches really produce some epic waves. The main beachie can be a bit hard to get used to at first, but after a few waves you can usually get it sorted. The point is so amazing! It’s a right-hander that give you a solid wall with a few barrel sections if you’re lucky. You’ve got a pretty sketchy paddle out over the rocks to get to the line-up.

Ulladulla, Australia. Golf Course Lefts.
It is a point break and on the right swell is so fantastic I haven’t surfed it in years but we had a block of land down there and surfed it pumping so many times. So many great memories! Take me back! :)

Thanks for sharing Sandy! See you out charging soon!


Article thanks to Girls Surf Network

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