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For the love of travel and the ocean...

For the love of travel and the ocean...
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Once upon a time I used to be a tandem surfer…such a beautiful art form expressing Hawaiian traditions of Aloha.
I am a global traveller. have been to places including Fiji, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Tahiti, Singapore, Whitsundays, most of the east coast of Australia, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Japan, Canada, USA, Caribbean, Russia, South Africa, Africa, Dubai, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Maldives, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, England, Croatia, Italy...the list goes on. I travel all of the time (or dream of it, when in lockdown or while borders remain closed) and am excited to visit many more amazing exotic destinations around the world.
Travel for me is a key part of surfing, I have been surfing most of my life. I am a long boarder and have travelled to the most beautiful, remote uncrowded waves in the world. I was once a tandem surfer and was ranked 4th in the world for this unusual traditional Hawaiian sport, but I am also a free diver and simply love being in the ocean every day if I can.
x Sacha 


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