Frequently Asked Questions

Can your cushions be used outdoors?
Yes they can be used outdoors as they are treated with a special water repellent coating, but we recommend shaded areas to make sure the longevity of the colours remain in tact as they are digitally printed so the ink can slowly fade over time with long direct sun exposure....but maybe you like the vintage look anyway.

I don't see an item in stock that I want, can this be custom made?
Yes we have production runs made each month so if there is a design you would like that we don't have enough stock of just contact our customer service team admin@escapetoparadise.com.au and they can add your order to the production run for you. Please allow 3-4 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Do you have a store?
We don't have a shop, just an office and outsourced warehouse, but we have our online store and also wholesale to hundreds of retailers around Australia and the world. Visit our Stockists pages on our website to find your nearest store.

I am a stylist, is there special pricing for stylists and interior designers?
Yes, we have a 25% discount for stylists and interior designers and up to 50% off depending on the size of your project. Contact our customer service team admin@escapetoparadise.com.au with your business details and we can set up the special pricing for you.

I have a store, how do I order wholesale?
Simply contact one of our wonderful sales reps from your region and they will be happy to help you set up your wholesale order.
Do you offer 30 day accounts for wholesale orders?
We do offer 30 day accounts, only for approved stockists depending on your store size, order volume and reliable payment history. You can discuss this with our sales reps as they can advise on the process to become an account holder.