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The Influence of Art

The Influence of Art
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There are many ways that art has influenced design.

Our collection encompasses different genres though the use of geometric and abstract art providing sway on elements of our designs. Shapes often influence the prints that can be used in designs within fashion, homeware and art.

It is commonly through the use of geometric shapes that artists and designers emote different feelings and emotions and allow an expression that can act as a release.

Various styles of art like brutalism and minimalism rely heavily on geometric shapes and graphic design, using clean lines and flat design on print, using shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, arcs and cubes.

Abstract art plays an influence in our collections as traditional design and may also include more experimental ideas. A form of communicating with the use of lines, shapes, colour and form, can sometimes be seen in the form of chaotic expressions or clean design.

Our collection shows different influences. Our prints including art studio, tribal and earth lines, see influences of geometric design and abstract art that create a cohesive dimensional design in core monochromatic colours with clean design.

We draw these influences and combine these elements to create new and exciting designs that are cohesive with our collection and helps to tie in the correct colour palette for the season.


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