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Let's Do Our Bit

Let's Do Our Bit
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We all want to have an active journey in this beautiful world and are concerned when we hear so many stories regarding the negative impacts on our Earth. With deforestation, pollution, soil erosion and climate change, we at Escape to Paradise have always wanted to have a positive impact on the world. We believe in making a difference and supporting causes that we feel passionately about. We would also like our partners and customers to be a part of this as well.
At Escape to Paradise we always believe in wanting to make the world a beautiful and wonderful place to live.
By giving back to particular charities who help conserve the environment, this is a way to help protect and conserve the environment and to help make a positive impact on the world.
Through the sale of our products we donate a percentage of profits to charities who lead projects to help support and protect the environment, from planting trees in endangered rainforests, marine conservation programs and coral reef research, turtle colony monitoring projects and many other sustainability projects that have a positive impact on the world in which we live.
For every item sold on our website, we work with partners and charitable organisations to help plant trees in rainforests around the world that are depleted.
This is all of our concern, so we at Escape to Paradise are dedicated to doing our bit to help the environment
Photography by the talented Mikala Wilbow


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