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Where do we find Inspiration

Where do we find Inspiration
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We constantly draw inspiration from the world around us and when designing a collection we always have our eye out for new colours, prints, shapes.
Finding inspiration is something we gather from different sources, as we use our senses of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch to feel an emotion and take us into a world where we feel happy and relaxed...Be it cosied up in a bedroom doona watching the rain coming down or laying in a hammock under a slow swaying palm as the sun beats down.
We use these moments to find inspiration when designing a new collection, choosing new colours for our room setting or redecorating our own homes.
Alternative places we can draw inspiration from is in magazines, as these showcase the best ideas and tips for decorating. 
Another way I get inspiration is to look at resort websites and see how they have designed their outdoor spaces and rooms and then try to replicate this on a smaller scale, such as the type of sun lounges they use, or the plants in their gardens. You can take these images to your local nursery and ask them if these plants will thrive in the area you live or if there are similar alternatives for your climate that will create the same look and feel.


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