Exercise and fitness is not just about wanting to look good

Exercise and fitness is not just about wanting to look good

Posted by Sacha Alagich on

This is not just about aesthetics.

All round physical fitness and health should come from within, and this is a personal investment for the long term to feel great and as a result look great as that health and happiness radiates out.

To live a positive happy, healthy life you need to be committed to yourself and your well-being. Because after all, your best investment is the investment in yourself.

For me this comes from three main components:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Nutritional

Within these components there are many different views or ways of looking at them and of course nothing is going to be the same across the board for all people. This will depend on you, the individual, what works for you, your mind, body, and digestive system.

  • Here I look at how we work the body physically through daily exercise and activity to live a long healthy more pain and injury free life.
  • Your main goal is to be as active as possible every day, yet, this does not necessarily mean ‘exercising’ every day. Walking as much as possible, to and from work instead of driving or getting a bus a short distance, standing at a desk rather than sitting all day, stretching, taking a dip in a pool or ocean, simply getting outside and taking in as much fresh air as possible. Going for a surf, games any type of activity where you can be using your body rather than being stagnant/still.
  • Second to that comes exercise, depending on your age, ability and lifestyle goals the average person should be exercising 4-6 times a week, this can include High Intense Interval Training, Weight training, Yoga, Pilates Classes, Running, Swimming and team sports.
  • This relates to how you control, strengthen, and broaden your mind through meditation and mindfulness.
  • Something of this sort should be practiced daily. This can be anything from a few minutes of being still, undergoing guided meditation, or any form of mediation style and mindfulness.
  • The benefits of such practices are astonishing. You will notice as you become calmer, more stress free and better to handle the challenges of everyday life once you really being to slow down, relax and explore deeper into your mind.
  • This related to everything you put on & in your body from food, alcohol, and types of drugs/medicines & products.
  • The best way to think of this is to treat your body with respect as it is the only one you get. This must be your number one as nobody else will look after it for you.
  • You should ‘want to’ treat your body like the most prized possession. And not just because you think you ‘have to’ but because you fully believe in it to be performing at its best for as long as possible!
  • We focus on more water and less of any other liquid. If you need to drink alcohol try to limit it and have heathier choices like good quality wines and spirits with soda water rather than sugary drinks with soft drink, Rea fruit juices and kombucha, knowing that nothing else really has any health benefit so limiting them as much as possible.
  • Then we focus on food, eating a well-balanced diet, this mean focussing every meal on getting the greatest variety of whole foods; Fruits, vegetables, grains and if you choose to eat heavy proteins like red or white meat and seafood. From salads to stir fry vegetables you can add in so many different varieties and have this in an abundance of different ways!
  • Then there are treats, and my opinion: Well… I have quite the sweet tooth and I love a muffin or some chocolate every now and then so…. I make sure I have always gotten my staples (Fruit and vege) and am regularly doing all of the above so that I can balance my ‘treats’ and I have always treated such things as a ‘treat’ because things lie pizza, take away foods and sweets should not be consumed on a regular basis.

When focussing on these above three points and really living your life in such a way you will notice great change, when healthier on this inside and living a great active lifestyle we then become happier and this happiness radiates to the outside, it then attracts like and you will find yourself in a much happier more positive space in life surrounded by like-minded people.

And as the sayings go: “Your vibe attracts your tribe”


“You are only as great as the 5 greatest people around you” so choose your people wisely.

A great clip to watch ‘This is water’ by David Foster Wallace. Which talks about mindset and living from a more stress free perspective open mind.


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