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The Origins of the Friendship Bracelet

The Origins of the Friendship Bracelet
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Wearing a friendship bracelet is a symbolic act that shows just how much you value and cherish your very best friends! They are representative of the love friends share and the unique bond between two kindred spirits. The charms in a bracelet can also symbolise a special occasion or place that was memorable on your journey.

Friendship bracelets have made a popular resurgence. A friendship bracelet is usually a decorative bracelet given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship and as tradition goes, bracelets are commonly given to someone who has a wish. The person then wears the bracelet until it has worn through and falls off, whereby the wish will come true. 

We have been fascinated by the origins of the friendship bracelet. Origins of the friendship bracelet seem to have been around for centuries, with origins stemming from Central America, with some records dating back to over 200 years B.C.

Friendship bracelets were originally solely made by tying knots in the tradition of macrame, using embroidery floss or yarn to create intricate patterns. Today, they are made using jewels, metals and many different kind of “string” or materials and can tell stories of travel, love and friendship.

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