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The Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

The Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot
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Walking barefoot, also known as "earthing," has gone from being a unusual trend, to a scientifically-researched practice with a number of remarkable health advantages, such as increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep. Earthing means walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand and early studies are showing that the health benefits come from the relationship between our bodies and the electrons in the earth. The planet has its own natural charge, and we seem to do better when we’re in direct contact with it.

By walking barefoot everyday you can improve:

1. Sleep disturbances, including sleep apnea

2. Chronic muscle and joint pain

3. Asthma and other respiratory conditions

4. Rheumatoid arthritis

5. PMS

6. Hypertension

7. Stress

8. Energy levels

9. Immune system activity and response and

10. Fasting glucose levels among people with diabetes.

There are so any more benefits to going barefoot, so why not take yourself out for a long walk now and get 'earthing'.


  • Sacha Alagich: February 25, 2021

    Thank you so much Heidi for your comment, yes we totally agree that it helps us to be more connected with the earth, no matter what tie of year it is xx

  • Heidi : July 02, 2020

    I’m so glad you posted this blog. I couldn’t agree more and actually a few days ago was talking to a good friend about needing to do this even in winter. Thankyou so much xx

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