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The Health Benefits of Sunlight

The Health Benefits of Sunlight
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We love the sun. And for good reason, there are many health benefits to sunlight.

Too much sun can sometimes be harmful to skin, though being exposed to sunshine can offer some very effective benefits to our physical body and mental wellbeing. 

~ Sunlight can help to improve sleep. Your body creates a hormone called melatonin that can be critical to helping you sleep. Sunshine helps to regulate melatonin levels, so spending more time in the daylight will help you produce melatonin at night. 

~ We all want to reduce our stress levels, and sunshine can be no better remedy. Melatonin will help regulate stress, also exercising in the sunshine can work wonders.

~ Vitamin D is critical for your immune system and with continuous exposure to sunlight will help to strengthen your immune system

Remember the next time you are feeling you need a recharge, some sunlight will help boost those melatonin levels and help to boost your mood


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